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We believe that the Scottish Parliament should be making the decisions about Scotland. We will work towards this goal by educating the people as a smart population can make smart decisions. Stockholm Syndrome is rife in some groups in Scotland and as there is no medical cure we will broadcast items that won’t make it to BBC/ITV/CH4/Sky etc etc due to the methods of censorship employed by the government of England in Westminster that we have never voted for.

newscotland.tv is a not-for-profit group of people who are sick of the lies coming from Westminster’s main-stream media so have got together to create a TV channel for Scottish people in Scotland.
JLBTV.scot A/V tech is named in honour of John Logie Baird FRSE who was a Scottish engineer and innovator, one of the inventors of the mechanical television on 26 Jan 1926, and inventor of both the first publicly demonstrated colour television system, and the first purely electronic colour television picture tube. Without his hard work and determination none of this would be possible. Born: Aug 14, 1888, Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute
weegie.tv is just tv from weegie land

It’s time to look towards a better future, a future where we learn the lessons of the past and think smart

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We will be at many events, protests and marches streaming Live to Channel 2, check social media for details.

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